happy birthday dad!

Happy Birthday to the man who made me play tee-ball when I was little (even though I sat in the driveway and pouted and ended up doing cartwheels/picking flowers in right field for most of the games). He always knew what was good for me. He even gave me his curly hair gene!
Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!!!


Bri said...

such a sweet photo!

Nell said...

Yey for Dad's! My Dad's birthday was Sunday.
ps. I've passed the Versatile Blogger Award on to YOU lady! Not really sure what the title means, but it offers the rather fun opportunity to reveal 7 random things about yourself. Visit my blog for more info!xx

Anonymous said...

I love you sooooo much! What a great birthday weekend we had with you and Jeff. Missing you guys the minute we left!


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