This is what it looked like outside our apartment last night right before it got dark. Everything was tinted red; it actually looked like autumn. Perfect for fooling myself into thinking it's cold enough for homemade pumpkin spice lattes and an adaption of this stew (both were scrumptious).


monica said...

beautiful pictures! our leaves have been falling all over the yard lately! i just love the little splashes of color!!


Sophie said...

beautiful! i love autumn colours. and i love you blog :) im a new follower x

Alessia said...

This is why autumn is my favorite season.

Your blog is beautiful by the way!

Sonja said...

beauuuutiful!!! I love love the colours outdoors right now! Really spectacular! And the combination of leaves, lattes and stews...perfect I say! hehe

Bri said...

i love these photos! what a view! : )

Nell said...

So pretty. I have some pictures quite like this over on my blog. How awesome is autumn! xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful... I have some pics from our trip to Mt. Pisgah along the Blue Ridge Parkway on Sunday after church.



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