sweet sixteen

Today is my little sister Leah's 16th birthday!







Isn't she the cutest?

This little girl is one of my best friends. She has wonderful style, she's a good sister, and she is hilarious. She is always ready to have a living room movie sleepover. She loves life and is great at making new friends. She makes silly faces and likes getting dressed up. She let me play barbies with her when I was way too old to. She always makes me laugh, and is the silliest, most fun teenager I know. I can't believe she is driving now!? I wish we were still living under the same roof! I love you, Leah!


the southern hostess said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday to her!

Cait said...

this made me get little tears in my eyes... maybe i'm just being hormonal, but i cannot believe how old and beautiful she is. i remember when she was just an itty bitty thing and now she is america's next top model material!

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