lauren the outlaw

Today is my big sister's 22nd birthday!

I can't believe it. It seems like we should still be riding our bikes and climbing trees and jumping on the trampoline together.

I wish we lived closer so we could have fun all the time.



She is a cool cat (evidence in first photo).

She is never afraid to be silly.

She used to let me hug her at lunchtime when I was in big scary K5 and she was in 1st.

She climbed trees with me and made pretend almost everyday.

She shared her clothes with me (sometimes).

She taught me lots of things.



Happy Birthday Lauren!!!




Anonymous said...

What a thankful mom I am, ... to have had THESE girls in our home...great memories. I praise the LORD that allowed me to be their mama and watch them grow. WOW!
"Happy Birthday," Lauren and thank you Chloe for sweet reminder photos.

Celeste said...

old family photos are the best- happy birthday lauren!

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