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Good things lately:

Early mornings with Meryl in the yard. Seeing pink sky and purple mountains. 
Nighttime grilling on the patio. Just for the two of us. Just for the heck of it.
Laying on blankets in the sun. With books. Leaving windows and doors open.
Saturday morning girl breakfast with coffee cake and so much bacon.
Audiobooks. While washing dishes.
Anticipating a friend becoming a mother in ONE MONTH. 
Thrifting. Finding an old canon ae-1 for $3 that may or may not be functional.
Working from home with a snuggly dog and extra coffee.
Getting packages in the mail from my mom.
Walking around the harbor.

So much to be thankful for when I stop to think.


Anonymous said...

I crave for a backyard like this. Such a beautiful nature! Your dog off leash already, how did you manage?
Great blog. Always makes me smile and worry less.


chloé said...

Thank you! Such kind words.

Meryl usually stays close to us or comes running when we call. The ONE perk, I think, of separation anxiety. Ha. Although we do need a leash when we go out...she sort of only listens when she wants to. Most of the photos of her are taken on our landlord's property which is fenced all the way round.

RAY said...

these photos and words are just what i need to hear. x

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