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Our home is my favorite place to be. It changes a little bit everyday. I am one of those people who rearranges furniture and belongings so much that it confuses the other people who live here and everyone who comes to visit regularly. Meryl doesn’t seem to mind. There is a constant balance of desiring change and feeling satisfied with the way things are in my life. The furniture rearranging is just the way that struggle manifests itself sometimes. There is something to be said though, I think, for the art of rearranging things in order for them to feel new instead of constantly buying new things to replace the old. So for now our bed is in our sunroom

I have that feeling of being giddy off breezy backyard sunshine, cooking fancy dinners at home, picking wildflowers for the table, and listening to dancey music. Cooking a rich, indulgent, fancy mac and cheese dinner tonight. Will be consumed with prosecco. 


RAY said...

All of this has a magic feel to it. The shadows from the sun are so mesmerizing. I love that feeling - when the sun shines warm I always get that way too. x

janis said...

brilliant idea! obsessed with that house of yours. what a dream!!

Chlo said...

hello! i've been looking through your blog for a few years now and thought you should know how great your photos are. i really am inspired by them, so thank you! that is all (from a South African girl)

chloé said...

Chlo: Thanks for the kind words! So sweet of you to say something.

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