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One of our favorite things to do is ride around our neighborhood with the top down and look at houses. We love our little apartment but we are always dreaming and looking. I always did that with my family growing up. Three girls in the backseat riding and reading and looking out windows. Every block has a different feeling…yesterday we saw a little girl riding her bike down the street with her feet up on the handlebars. I thought she was the coolest. For a minute I remembered what it was like to spend every moment practicing those sorts of things outside until dinnertime.

Today we bought plane tickets to North Carolina for Christmas! Seems so far away but it won't be long before we are there, baking and visiting. 

This weekend we are going to see two friends, bandmates, perform a backyard concert. Instructions are to bring blankets and food and drinks. I'm excited for it. 


janis said...

that dog! so nice!

Yelle said...

we too are always driving around the neighborhood admiring the little houses with their cute doors, large windows, pretty trees...

petal and plume said...

gorgeously lovely.

Britty Wesely said...

I want your gorgeous curly locks!

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