First photo: my North Carolina view
Second photo: Jeff's California view 

I dropped Jeff off at the airport in the middle of the night last week after one hour of sleep. When we bid adieu we were both too tired to be sad. Now he is in our new home with a new job. Making dinner and unpacking the things we couldn't part with that we wrapped and bundled and sent off on a cross country train ride. And just like that, we are living separate lives. I in the mountains, sipping coffee on my parents' porch every morning and feeling much less anxious than I did a week ago. I'll be in NC until my sister gets married and then I will -finally- join Jeff in our new home and things will be as they should. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say.


Jeff said...

I need to send you a pic of these mountains for you to compare. :)

janis said...

such beautiful views! best of luck on the rest of the move!

Faith said...

Your move sounds deliciously exciting! Being separated from Jeff must be bittersweet, though. I hope the time moves quickly! I'm sure he's anxious for you to join him! (By the way, you're moving to California?! I am beyond jealous!!!)

another feather said...

Chloe, I am just now finally catching up (somewhat) on my blog reading. you are moving to California? so exciting! I see you are going to be here in the NC mountains for a bit! would you want to meet up sometime?

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