i. Last spinach, goat cheese, and roasted tomato pie at my favorite spot to eat. The food and the music were french and I spent my 21st birthday there, buying a bottle of french rosé.

ii. The last time I was on this bridge in the light of day. The view always meant we were either leaving town or returning to it.

iii. My stoop the way I left it- watering can and all- the last time I ever saw it. I told the new tenants in a rush to pluck off the pink flowers when they died so new ones would grow back. I hope they've been doing it.


Faith said...


Jeff said...

I miss that stoop. And that bridge; seeing it reminds me of home. You need to come home.

becca said...

aw, sweet little savannah!

chloe, I hope you love your new town even more than this wonderful one, and find so many odds and ends to enjoy about it.

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