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Some friends of ours got married this weekend in a little chapel with brick floors and a balcony window where we peeked at the bride before everyone else. Then we ate and danced and hugged and laughed.

p.s. this amazing stop motion video of the gorgeous wedding taken by a friend from church.


Apricots+Silk said...

Yes please. Such a perfect simple post. I adore that second photo. xxx

nikaela marie said...

- looks like a fun wedding!
- i miss you i miss you
- i recognize those flowers. :)
- have you taken a roll of film yet? (i have some photos to email you soon)
- happy monday my dear.


nikaela marie said...

ps. the pentax looks good on you. :)

chloƩ said...


yep, took a roll of film and part of another the day of the wedding. fingers crossed that they turn out; my light meter wasn't working but jeff ordered a new battery. miss you too, lots!! xoxo

demetriaprovatas said...

Ooo sweet. Is this eny's wedding? It happened so soon, if so!
Also, is that a pentax k-1000? If so I just got the same one?! I've been using it like crazy.
P.S. Melissa's taking a trip down to Shakori/Asheville at the end of the month and I'm riding with her (it will be so nice not to drive) - I'd love if I could meet you somehow!

Faith said...

I love your blouse, Chloe! I love going to friends' weddings... everyone is just giddy with happiness!

becca said...

I like your version of the wedding.

and thank you for sharing the stop-motion video!

chloƩ said...


it's actually our friends will and mary cameron who got married but eny's wedding is may 19th! still soon.
yep we do have the same camera, ha :)
don't think i'll be able to make it to asheville but we'll see. that would be fun. xoxo

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