this place is a beaut






IMG 4548

In winter, even here where there is no snow to transform the landscape, the beach is an entirely different place from the hot, crowded beach of summer. It's beautiful for sure - despite the violent wind that forced us to walk with our backs toward the whipping sand and cut our picnic short. A nice break from the dog days.

P.S. Bringing a Canadian to the beach in winter is an experience in itself, I think.


Apricots+Silk said...

Ah, these images are stunning. I love how places completely change with the seasons. xxx

paddle to shore said...

such lovely photographs, and the P.S made me laugh so hard (maybe because I'm Canadian) xo

Rhianne said...

it looks stunning, I love the beach in the winter.

nikaela marie said...

yeay! they turned out.

i love them.


janis said...

haha! so cute. as a fellow canadian, i pine for the beach in the winter!

nikaela marie said...

:) it's pretty incredible, but I hear you guys are gonna get to 20 degrees on Saturday?!! Crazy! Yeay melting!!

another feather said...

aw! so great. what a fun day this looks

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