First roll 31

First roll 26

First roll 34

Jeff and I shot and developed my first roll of film over the weekend. I'm in love. This sweet girl taught me and let me borrow her camera.

Here's to new friends, first day back to school, and a perfectly imperfect start to the new year.


p.s. These three pictures taken by Jeff. His are my favorites.


Angelica said...

they are so pretty! i can already tell you really have a knack for shooting film :) i hope you and nikaela have a great semester!

nikaela marie said...

ta da!! film!!

i'd raise a glass.

to new things: friends/camera skilz/chairs.


nikaela marie said...

i love that last photo of you so much. have i said that already? :)

demetriaprovatas said...

jeff is so good at stuff! all these pictures are so lovely, man.

becca said...

how wonderful! I am loving these.

Hannah said...

love these -- so beautiful! x

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