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This weekend Jeff and I went on a Muppet Movie date and laughed more than anyone else there (If you didn't know, this is what made the movie so great). We brought home a big ol' Christmas tree that has turned our apartment into a Christmas wonderland, and it's not even decorated yet! We made breakfast for dinner with our friends and ate it around our tiny, beat up, $15 table from Craigslist. It couldn't have been more cozy. Life's a happy song!

P.S. The first picture is of tiny banners that were part of a handmade book I tunred in for my last project in my Intro to Craft class.


becca said...

your tree is so enormous! I bet it looks perfect in there.

AgentOutlaw said...

I hope that paint splattered on your street didn't hit your cars!

I bet Jeff sat on the left (sweet tea vs. coffee).

What is all that on your table??? Hash-browns, what else (on the right side of the table)?

Love you and miss you! Dad

chloé said...

Ha yep, you're right Dad! We made waffles, whipped cream, sauteed cinnamon brown sugar apples, orange rolls, scrambled eggs with veggies, hash browns with garlic, and sausage. Four people in that little kitchen and no one killed anyone! xo

[anna] said...

love this post!! you two are adorable

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