when the leaves fall from the trees

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life is a blur lately. so much to think about; my brain never stops. autumn is being wonderful to us and if you don't mind i'll just be absorbing as much of the crispness as i can until it leaves.


nutella pancakes with sauteed apples on top.
lunch at school.
pumpkin hanging out with herbs on our stoop.
two favorite paintings from my craft class.
horsies clip clopping and me watching with socked feet.


Kim said...

so jealous of that view - and comfy socks

kitten roar said...

that view looks so pretty!! and mmm nutella and pancakes can never be wrong. ever.

Lilly Grace said...

This is the most precious blog. All this fallness. I can hardly handle it! Ps. When did you carve a pumpkin- or is it neighbor? xo

chloƩ said...

Lillian, it's our neighbor's! Can't wait to do our own!! xoxo

Molls @ O hushed October morning mild said...

I love your stoop! Fall perfection :)

Becca said...

is fall not the most hopeful thing? the chilly weather and the excitement of busyness? I love it.

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