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Resounding 2

My friend Lara graduated from SCAD last year and just launched her Fall 2011 clothing line.

She is amazing. I love the clothes and had so much fun modeling with those adorable girls!

More photos here.



nikaela marie said...

these are bonkers! so good!
1) your bum in those pants is for real amazing! (ok to say?)
3) we're both models! (another cosmic thing that, for me at least, is also sort of a joke?:):)


Bridget said...

the back of that one with the gold funky straps is so cool.

chloé said...

ha! nik! it's always ok to compliment my bum. and when lara asked me to model i thought "goodness, nikaela and i have another thing in common now!" :)

Becca said...

love love love!

demetrocles said...

chloe, these photos are all so lovely. it's so easy to comment on your blog now too, i'm going to do it all the time!

janis said...

These are such beautiful photos! You're such a pretty lady!

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