baking in the morning

2011 08 24 at 07 55 44

2011 08 24 at 07 58 22

2011 08 24 at 12 35 51

I have been in school for two weeks. This schedule of mine is so nice, but I have had much less time for playing in the kitchen. I forgot what it was like to be busy, but I do love it. I even have a three hour craft class. Don't be jealous, you could have majored in art education if you wanted to.

I made this super-duper-easy-peasy banana bread the other morning for a friend who just had a baby. Might have kept some for myself too. Delish.


nikaela marie said...

i love these photos so much!

glad you are loving school!


AbbieBabble said...

What a clever way to hang your bananas- I love it!

Your school sounds pretty spectacular, not gonna lie.

Eva said...

love the bananas hanging up high! :)

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