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This past weekend might have been the best one of my life.


A man gave me a free bike!! That happens to be the perfect size for me. And can be fixed up to be real cute but is perfectly rideable as is (I just got back from the most glorious ride around the park). I can't get over how it all magically worked out....just in time for my birthday!

We also added a new member to our kitchen family: a much needed cart/table from craigslist (originally from Potter Barn). It fits in our new kitchen and is the perfect place for chopping up lots of veggies.

Aside from that, the weekend was full of sleeping and walking. Walking to the store -especially around dusk- is so relaxing. And if it's hot out I just walk through the fountains.


P.S. Can't forget about HP! We went on a date to the theater to see Harry Potter. Smuggled in candy and soda like usual. xo


nikaela marie said...

that looks like the most beautiful kitchen in the world. i love that you got a free bike!!!! when is your birthday?! we might be birthday twins!


sara said...

a free bike! amazing.
and what a great kitchen find! looks beautiful

chloé said...

nik, my birthday is the 21st! when's yours?

nikaela marie said...

chole! we are 13 days apart. sorry i got prematurely excited... i should have guessed yours was sooner. mine is August 3rd.


what will you do for your birthday?


sara l said...

great post! love your blog!!

Becca said...

chloe, I love your pictures and your simple little bits of life.
you got a free bike! how in the world?

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