first weekend of spring (it's official)



Got up before 8 (a miracle) on Saturday to go yard sale-ing. Bought a vintage wool coat for a dollar...still can't believe it.

Bought strawberries from the side of the road. And thin mints.

Did a lot of dog watching and blanket laying.

Paid way too much for sunday brunch after church.

Watched Diamonds Are Forever & Live and Let die. We've been having a slow going Bond-A-Thon for the past few months.

Made more granola. We can't get enough.

Rode around with the top down on an incredibly hot sunny day and I didn't even complain. I actually kind of liked it a lot.


photo: pretty house with a tiny front yard full of tulips on Troup Square spotted after brunch

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Becca said...

aw, that all sounds so nice.
I like your blog because it's one big happy day :)

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